Woman orders pizza and a song, Domino's driver delivers

Delivery driver serenades customer


SAN ANTONIO – "Ring the doorbell."

"Knock only."

"The gate code is 1234."

"Come around to the backyard."

Those are the some of the typical instructions given to a pizza delivery person.

"Knock 3 times and sing."

Less typical.

But it didn't stop a San Antonio-area Domino's delivery driver from following through.

Liz Bruner says she added those instructions to her order last month. She posted the video of the serenade on Twitter.

With pizzas in hand, the delivery driver, Austin Aranda, sang Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved."

Bruner said it wasn't the first time she requested a serenade from her pizza delivery driver, but it was the first time that it actually happened.

Her video has been viewed thousands of times and is getting attention from people and media outlets around the world.

"I am surprised, but then again, it's such a heartwarming and sweet video to see an employee going the extra mile for a customer, so it deserves the attention," Bruner said.

When Bruner told her mom about the serenade, her mom told her that she should have tipped him better. So they drove to the Domino's and gave Aranda an extra $20.

After that, Aranda posted a follow-up video of himself singing "Happy Birthday" to Bruner and thanking her for dropping off the second tip.

Aranda said he's thankful that he was the one assigned to deliver Bruner's pizza.

"Although I was the one to sing to her, her genuine happiness and joy was the greatest gift she gave me that day. I always strive to do my best to make my customers feel special and I’m so happy I was able to do that for Liz!" Aranda said.

Over the last week, Bruner and Aranda have even become good friends. Both said they're happy that the video is bringing other people joy.

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