Woman records sister hilariously overcome with emotion at the sight of Beyoncé

This might be the biggest mood of 2018


We've all gotten a little emotional when we see our favorite singer live in concert, but this Beyoncé fan took emotional to new levels, and luckily for us, her sister captured the highly relatable moment on camera. 

Griffin Schouten posted a series of videos on her Twitter account Sunday night recapping Beyoncé and Jay-Z's concert in Santa Clara on Saturday, and as she explains in her tweets, her sister, a lifelong Beyoncé fan, could not handle the sight of one of her heroes. 

"My sister has had a Destiny's Child poster over her bed for the LONGEST time and has prayed every night for Beyoncé's health etc," Schouten writes. "Needless to say last night was dramatic." 

Let's just say that "dramatic" was an understatement. 

As the following tweets and videos show in the thread, Schouten's sister is full-on feeling every emotion once Bey and Jay open the show with their duet, "Holy Grail." If you've ever seen Beyoncé live in concert, you know what this girl is going through. It's called living. 

Thankfully, by the end of the show, Schouten and her sister are living their best lives while Beyoncé is killing a verse on "APESH*T," showing the full cycle a diehard Beyoncé fan goes through when seeing the queen herself live in person: A sobbing, uncontrollable mess to fully feeling yourself.  

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