Pee-wee Herman won't be at San Antonio Comic Con after all

Paul Reubens 'unbelievably disappointed' about it

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SAN ANTONIO – “Aren’t we gonna see the basement?”

Pee-wee Herman, aka Paul Reubens, won't be able to see the basement of the Alamo or any other part of San Antonio after having to back out of this month's Alamo City Comic Con.

In a post on the Pee-wee Herman Facebook page, Reubens expressed his disappointment saying, "Of all the shows I had scheduled, this was the one I was most excited about. I¹ve been looking forward to being there for months, partly because of my deep love for Texas, and especially since it is so close to The Alamo!"

Reubens apologized to any fans he may have disappointed, acknowledging that some have gone to "a lot of trouble and expense" to meet him.

There was no explanation for why he had to cancel.

In comments on the Facebook post, fans expressed disappointment but support for Reubens.

There are plenty of other celebrities coming to this year's Alamo City Comic Con including Jeff Goldblum, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Cusack, William Shatner, Ric Flair, Billy Zane and the cast of “The Sandlot.”

I am unbelievably disappointed, and sorry to announce I won¹t be in San Antonio for Alamo City Comic Con! Of all the...

Posted by Pee-wee Herman on Wednesday, October 10, 2018


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