People legitimately terrified of newest Netflix smash hit 'Haunting of Hill House'

Watch trailer for 'Haunting of Hill House,' Stephen King calls it 'genius'


SAN ANTONIO – The “Haunting of Hill House” is Netflix’s newest hit, and people are both terrified and elated to finally have something to watch that is truly scary - at least, according to those who’ve already started watching.

The 10-episode series alternates between the past and present of a family dealing with memories from their old house.

Often referred to as the King of Horror, novelist Stephen King also commented on the “Haunting of Hill House,” calling it “close to a work of genius.”

“I don't usually care for this kind of revisionism, but this is great,” King said on Twitter.

Watch the trailer for “Haunting of Hill House” below:

Twitter users have lauded the recent horror series as well.

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