New Music Monday: 5 new albums and songs you need to listen to

Ellie Goulding, Cardi B and more

MEMPHIS, TN - SEPTEMBER 15:Elle King performs with The Roots at Six Degrees to Tennessee Roots Jam at New Daisy Theater on September 15, 2018 in Memphis, Tennessee. (Photo by Greg Campbell/Getty Images for Tennessee Tourism)

On New Music Monday, we let you know about some of the best new music being released so you have some new tunes to listen to at work, the gym or recommend to your friends. Here are five new albums and songs that we're currently obsessed with, and hopefully you will be, too. 


"Shake The Spirit" by Elle King

You couldn't go anywhere without hearing Elle King's rocking "Ex's and Oh's" on the radio in 2016, and the singer-songwriter is back with a brand-new album called "Shake The Spirit." After a disastrous relationship that ended in divorce and battling personal demons, King's new confessional album is a cathartic experience as she shakes the demons and negativity from her life. Plus, King's growly voice pairs perfectly with the bluesy rock she is creating. It's perfection. 

"Anthem of the Peaceful Army" by Greta Van Fleet

After months and months of touring sold-out shows across the world, Greta Van Fleet, aka Led Zeppelin 2.0, has finally delivered its debut album called "Anthem of the Peaceful Army." The guys in Greta Van Fleet channel the rock gods like Led Zeppelin and Cream, and even look the part, donned with bird feathers and lots of fringe vests. Finally, a band that millennials and Baby Boomers can both enjoy.  

"Honey" by Robyn

After what feels like 50 years, Swedish pop star Robyn is back with her first album in eight years. Luckily for fans, the wait for "Honey," the name of the album, was well worth it. Robyn's signature style is euphoric songs that bring you to pure ecstasy, but the lyrics and melodies evoke such heartbreak and sadness. The lead single, "Missing U," makes you want to dance until you simply can't anymore, but the lyrics about missing someone who is forever gone will make you want to sob for hours. Never leave us this long again, Robyn. 

"Money" by Cardi B

We're not really sure why Cardi B released a random single out of nowhere (maybe she has a new album coming out soon?), but we're not mad about it. The rapper's new song is called "Money," and as you'd expect, it's about money. Considering Cardi B is now a global superstar and has a lot more money than she used to, we love that she is proudly showing that off. You do you, Cardi! 

You can listen to the song here

"Close To Me" by Ellie Goulding, Diplo and Swae Lee

It feels like Ellie Goulding has been away for a little bit, so it's exciting to see the English pop singer back with a new single, and hopefully a new album, too. Goulding pairs up with producer Diplo and rapper Swae Lee for this laid-back track, where Goulding sings about getting super close to a new love interest. We can't wait to see what is next from Goulding. 

Have new music recommendations for us? Let us know what you're listening to in the comments below. 

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