In Texas we tube; in Nebraska, they tank

Credit Photo: Nebraska Tourism
Credit Photo: Nebraska Tourism

The Nebraska Tourism Commission unveiled a new campaign last month with a new slogan: "Honestly, it's not for everyone."

The slogan initially had people scratching their heads. Was it sarcastic? Reverse psychology?
In a news release, commission officials said they meant it in a straight-forward, but self-deprecating way because they recognize Nebraska isn't a typical "bucket list" destination.

“It was important to the Nebraska Tourism staff, marketing committee and Commissioners to be true to who we are and honest about what we are not," said Deb Loseke, Nebraska Tourism Commission Chair.

The perception they do want to change, however, is that there isn't anything to do or see in Nebraska so they've chosen to showcase some of the quirky things the state has to offer -- like tanking.

In Texas, we go tubing. In Nebraska, they go tanking.

Tanking has become a popular way to float down a river. Instead of using a canoe, tube or raft, people climb into a livestock tank. There are companies that will take you on guided tanking trips or let you rent a tank usually outfitted with chairs or even tables. Tanking allows for a leisurely, dry float down a river.

Here are some videos of the popular activity:


So what do you think? Would you give tanking a try?


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