Twitter users at odds asking,' What do you call the end of a loaf of bread?'


It started out innocently enough. English actor Stephen Mangan posted a witty reply to a comedian's tweet about making toast from the ends of a loaf of bread.

Mangan replied that he uses the end of the loaf.

"This quiet and selfless act of heroism goes completely unnoticed," he posted.

But that comment did not go unnoticed. In fact, it got a rise out of people with thousands of Twitter users responding. Many weighed in on the debate about whether the ends are edible, and many others sparked a new debate by asking, "what exactly do you call those ends?"

Mangan said he calls it the "heel" of the bread. Some insisted the ends are most definitely just called "crust." Other name options include the "butts" of the bread and simply "the end."  


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