This bride got the ultimate 'Office'-themed wedding shower

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The attention to detail that goes into most wedding showers is pretty incredible, but this wedding shower that was "The Office" themed might just take the cake for the best wedding shower ever. 

Kayleigh Brown knew that she wanted to have an "Office"-themed wedding shower, but she had no idea that her friends and were going to go all out. 

"My mom helped to bring in that 'bridal shower feel,' so it felt like a super classy but really fun themed party," Brown told Buzzfeed. "They all worked so unbelievably hard on this shower and I can't express my level of appreciation and love for my friends."

Everything at the shower had subtle refrences to "The Office" -- from Brown's coffee mug that said "World's Best Bride," beets as the center pieces on the tables to signs posted, making sure guests knew the shower was a Toby-free zone ... it was perfect.

Brown loves "The Office" so much that the website for her wedding is and the hashtag guests can use on social media is #threatlevelwedding, so it makes sense the wedding shower stayed on theme.  

"I was completely blown away by the level of detail and thought that went into my shower," she said. "My friends went above and beyond the call of friendship. Specifically what stuck out to me were the beet centerpieces and the Meredith mimosa bar. Hysterical and iconic."

Take a look at photos of Brown's hilariously decorated wedding shower below. 

In the words of Kelly Kapoor, "Oh my God, I love it."

Better to be safe than sorry, right?

OK, how adorable are these cookies? 


If Meredith Palmer was at this wedding shower, she would for sure be at the build-your-own mimosa bar. 

Goodbye, Toby. 

Again, no Tobys allowed. 

Can we just talk about how "The Dinner Party" is easily one of the best episodes of "The Office" ever?

Even one of Michael Scott's greatest quotes (well, er, Wayne Gretzky's greatest quotes) made an apperance at the wedding shower. 

Would you have an "Office"-themed shower? Let us know below in the comments. 

All photos from Kayleigh Brown. 

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