San Antonio police cracking down on DWIs during Fiesta

SAN ANTONIO – Drivers can expect to see at least 20 different San Antonio police officers assigned to strictly monitor DWI behavior on the roadways during Fiesta 2019.

The purpose is to crack down on drunken drivers.

According to Chief William McManus, around 4,600 people were arrested on suspicion of DWI in 2018. Of that number, 227 people were arrested during Fiesta.

Police want that number to decrease, which is why they are spending the nights to come searching for drivers who fail to use signal lights, drivers who drive in and out of their lanes, drivers who follow others top closely and drivers who show any sign of erratic or reckless driving.

Police are also urging others who see potential drunken drivers to simply get a description of the car, write down the license plate number and call police rather than follow them.

Other tips officials have for those wanting to enjoy Fiesta events while drinking are to party with a bus pass, have a person appointed to stay sober or use ride-share options, such as Lyft, which is currently offering $10 off rides during Fiesta events.

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