Rain won't dampen Fiesta spirit

NIOSA organizers prepare in face of gloomy weather Wednesday

SAN ANTONIO – It might not be the best day to wear your flower crown, but Fiesta-goers will still have the chance to do so if they want.

Although Wednesday was filled with passing showers and overcast skies, NIOSA organizers still plan on going forward with the normal 5:30 p.m start for the Fiesta favorite.

It appears the the "Rain Rock" has done it's part.

"So far it's worked out pretty good," Art Dietel, NIOSA's staging coordinator, said early Wednesday afternoon.

NIOSA coordinators said the Fiesta event has never been cancelled, and only delayed in rare cases. Dietel said only a dangerous situation, like lightning, would trigger a delay.

Despite the threat from Mother Nature, volunteers and laborers were still busy beforehand, as rain could still cause a problem for the deep fryers used to cook food.   

"They won't even try to light these until about 45 minutes or so before our events start. If it's raining, then they won't even start to do that," Dietel said.

And if the deep fryers weren't under covered booths, the moisture could cause some painful and dangerous popping from the hot grease.

Rain always has the chance to deter the crowds, too, but Fiesta revelers already seemed to be dealing with the weather earlier in the day at Fiesta De Los Reyes at Market Square.

"We'll see how it goes," said Johanna Schiller, who was visiting with her family." So far, they're being troopers, and you know, we're just checking stuff out. Hopefully, it won't rain, too."

Rain or shine, many people will likely party on through.

"You'd be surprised how these people come down and still have fun when it's just a little drizzling going on," Dietel said.

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