Looking to avoid certain sensitive material? This website is gold

Well, does the dog die? Look it up before tuning in

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Maybe you don’t like seeing violence against animals, even when it’s fictionalized. Or perhaps you recently lost a loved one to a drug overdose.

No matter the reason, sometimes there are things people would rather avoid seeing in a show or movie.

So if you’re one of those people who is weirded out by clowns -- or if you’d like a more practical example, maybe you're someone who’s looking to avoid Santa "spoilers" for your kids’ sake, we have a pretty cool website to tell you about.

Does the Dog Die? describes itself as “crowdsourced emotional spoilers for movies, TV, books and more.” It's not new, but it might be new to some of us.

The site is set up like a much simpler version of Reddit.

Here, we’ll show you what that Santa question looks like.


And here’s the drug use question.


When you click through to learn more about a topic, you do risk seeing other plot spoilers, but that seems like a chance you have to be willing to take.

There are more than 60 categories of spoilers, including a child dying, sexual assault, blood and gore, drowning, vomiting, hate speech, snakes and miscarriage. Some of the categories are serious, as you can see, and some are a little more light, for example, “The ending is not happy” and “shaky cam is used.”

You can also request a new category or jump in today and start contributing.

In addition to movies, TV and books, the website tracks video games, podcasts, blogs, comic books and more.

You might find it incredibly useful or not at all. But you also may keep it in mind the next time you’re scrolling through Hulu or Netflix, trying to decide what to watch.

When you consult with Does the Dog Die?, you can choose to avoid the tears altogether, or at least prepare yourself for some waterworks.

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