'Texicanas' unleash the spice in new San Antonio reality show

How well do ladies represent San Antonio culture?

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Courtesy Bravotv.com. (Bravotv.com)

SAN ANTONIO – There are “Real Housewives” who represent a handful of cities across the nation, and although Bravo has sunk its teeth into the high society of Dallas, let’s admit, San Antonio is a different beast.

Having said that, you know nothing can compare to the hot drama that goes down here.

The show “Texicanas,” which premiered this week, follows a similar format to the "Housewives" setup, highlighting the Texas women's drama, parties and family. More specifically, the series follows a group of Mexican women who reside in San Antonio. Needless to say, these women certainly stand out in a crowd.

Have you seen it yet? If not, check out the preview below.

The show is told from the perspective of Penny Ayarzagiota, who spent her youth in Mexico, but has worked to build a successful real estate company with her husband. Ayarzagiota is apparently often at the center of the gossip train, often with her castmates, Mayra Farret, Lorena Martinez, Anayancy Nolasco, Karla Ramirez and Luz Ortiz.

We're going to say it -- "Texicanas" is a typical reality show in the sense that it's a lot of drama, but such is life sometimes, right? We can agree with that.

How it's NOT typical is the South Texas Latina flair. And ohhh is it spicy.

"Welcome to San Antonio, the big little city, where everyone has an opinion about everybody … especially if you’re Mexican," Ayarzagiota says in the first episode.

The beginning touches on each woman's background, her relation to Mexican heritage and how she ended up in San Antonio. 

Each woman is unique in her relationships, personality and heritage, but they're all involved in the drama, all of which takes place at house parties, restaurants around town and events in the Hill Country.

We know some shade is going to get thrown between these ladies, but will pitchers of margaritas get thrown, too?

We're betting if you're out on the Riverwalk or at a fancy restaurant, there's a chance you could spot some cameras and the ladies in all their glory.

People are already chattering about the show — good ...

... and bad.

OK, so just like everything, there are mixed reviews, but the general consensus seems to be that people are finding the storyline to be better than other shows currently on air. "Refreshing" is a word that comes to mind.

Our biggest question, if you've watched it, is: Do you think the women and show represent the city of San Antonio correctly? More specifically, do you think they represent the Mexican community in the city? We want to know your take on it!

If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch past episodes by clicking here. To find out when you can watch "Texicanas" as it's airing, click or tap here. Check out a short preview below.

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