George Lopez buys plane ticket, helps military member make it home for child's birth

Comedian posts picture on social media

Photo does not have a caption

George Lopez recently bought an airline ticket for a member of the military who couldn't afford to fly home to see the birth of his first child, Lopez said on social media.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Lopez said he met the man at an airport bar. The man told the comedian that he had to go out of his way to report before taking his leave and then would have to take a bus home because he couldn't afford another plane ticket.

Lopez included a picture of the family he said was sent to him shortly after the baby arrived.

"The look in his eyes is priceless, so I got a deal out of it," he said.

He went on in the post to urge people to acknowledge members of the military.

"Take a moment to thank them for their service, because without the brave men and women and LGBTQ we wouldn’t enjoy the freedom to agree or disagree, America has always been great," Lopez said.

Another post from Lopez Thursday showed a screenshot of a conversation between Lopez and the service member. Lopez said he posted it in response to a Fox News reporter's story about the incident that used the phrase "Lopez claims." 

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