San Antonio's Frida Fest celebrates life, art of Frida Kahlo

Festival features art, live entertainment and Frida Kahlo inspired fashion show

SAN ANTONIO – An annual festival honoring the life of Frida Kahlo is expected to be even bigger this year. 

“We celebrate everything that she stands for, her art, her culture,” artist Janie Villarreal McClinchie said. 

This year the Frida Kahlo Corporation will have its own pop-up market with licensed Frida Kahlo merchandise at the festival. 

There will be artwork, live entertainment and a Frida Kahlo inspired fashion show. 

“She was someone that didn’t follow anybody’s rules as far as society was concerned. She did what she wanted to do and she did it with great passion. And a great way to express herself was through art,” McClinchie said. 

The Frida Fest started in 2016.

“We thought we were going to get a couple of thousand people, (but) the first year we got over 8,000 people in a very small venue. People were wrapped around the venue to try to get into this event that we had planned and so every year this grew bigger and bigger,” McClinchie said. 

Kahlo has inspired artist Yolanda Rios Wurgler. 

“She overcame a lot of things after her accident,” Wurgler said. 

Kahlo was involved in a bus accident but painted her way through recovery. 

The festival takes place July 27 and July 28 at Wonderlands of the Americas. 

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