Wendy Williams Says Dr. Oz Suggested Single People to 'Hold Out' on Sex Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


Wendy Williams is trying to make sure single people stay safe amid the coronavirus outbreak. The 55-year-old talk show host, who is single herself, recently spoke with Dr. Oz, and she felt it was important to share the parts of their conversation that she said were edited and cut short.

"I was going [there] to ask about single people and what do we do and the clothing because I don't believe that clothing is clean," Williams explained during an at-home episode of her talk show. 

Williams claimed that Dr. Oz didn't advise that single people having sex during this time of social distancing and quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

"He ended up saying, 'You know what, hold out. It'll be over soon,'" Williams said. 

"As far as clothing he said, 'Yes, the germs last for two hours,'" she added. "Two hours, darling, do you realize that whenever you get out of the subway or your Uber or whatever you're doing outside, you come inside, you sit on your cloth couch with your clothing on, you're transferring the stuff."

Williams also noted that she'll be continuing to host her talk show from inside her New York City apartment. Many shows' hosts are forced to film from their homes amid the coronavirus quarantine, including late night comedians.

"I'm not taking you for a tour of my apartment. I feel very intruded upon with just doing this right now. But the show convinced me that, Wendy, while we're off, maybe reruns aren't enough," she explained. 

Dr. Oz recently gave ET some tips for preventing coronavirus. Watch the clip below for more: 


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