Tracy Morgan Shows Venomous Fish Tank in Home Tour, Jokes About Sex Life in Quarantine (Exclusive)

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If you have to be quarantined somewhere, Tracy Morgan's house isn't a bad spot! 

The 51-year-old comedian took ET's Kevin Frazier on a virtual tour of his incredible New Jersey home, complete with a bowling alley and a movie theater. As Morgan told ET, however, he's been keeping himself busy with... other activities. 

"I've been in this house for two weeks with my wife, so she's expecting now. I get her pregnant every week," he joked of wife Megan Wollover. 

"Romantically, we're role playing," Morgan added. "She's playing a young maiden who has a grandfather who's dying of corona and I'm playing a scientist who discovered a cure. She wants to save her grandfather's life and she's willing to do anything, Kev, and I mean anything."

Morgan has four children, though his oldest three are all grown. He's having a "tough" time homeschooling his youngest child, 6-year-old daughter Maven, but told ET he's staying strong for his family amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"I'm just staying focused, staying positive. This virus has been here before, man. I can't spook out, I'm not gonna do it," he said. "I'm the head of my family, I've got to stay strong and that's how I'm handling it. I got to be strong for my kids and my wife."

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Maven chillin with her Pops!!!

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Morgan's dedication to his family was clear during his epic home tour, as he showed off the little fish tank he has for his daughter. The actor also has a 35,000 gallon shark tank and a collection of venomous fish. "Oh man, I am the black Jacques Cousteau!" Morgan quipped.