You know you’re from San Antonio when...

20 of the most ‘Puro SA’ responses to “Tell us you’re from San Antonio without saying you’re from San Antonio”

San Antonio – Last week we asked KSAT12 viewers for their best answer to “Tell us you’re from San Antonio without saying you’re from San Antonio” and the responses were pretty epic.

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-My number is 210-...

-Bill Millers for breakfast?

-I need to call CPS... “Oh dang you mean?!” No. No. To pay my electric!

Heather Rae Probst on Facebook

My internet service in my neighborhood dates back to the days of the Gunslingers.

ricardoachavira on Instagram

Fred’s fish fry

robertpaizjr on Instagram

I don’t care for basketball but I love the Spurs!

Jordan Ashlee Ferguson on Facebook

If I wanted to, I could wear Chanclas year round!

MySpecialK3 on Twitter

I call it a breakfast taco why do you keep calling it a breakfast burrito? 🤣

slynnfarr on Instagram

I still get excited to see the boots lit up on christmas!

Stephanie Urbick on Facebook

I only go to the riverwalk if someone is visiting from the Midwest.

LopezMaddox on Twitter

🌟I have about 100 NIOSA & Bill Miller cups in my kitchen at all times.

🌟For some reason, enchiladas taste better on Wednesdays.

mandiola_la_loca on Instagram

Let’s go honking!

mylesv09 on Twitter

I fell in Woodlawn lake as kid

seanduffyyy on Instagram

Every field trip was to the Alamo.

valxeerie on Instagram

What side of town do you stay at?

By SeaWorld

Ohhhh that’s far

Jazelle Nicole on Facebook

I’m always off from work the last 2 weeks in April. Viva fiesta!

Yvette C. Diaz on Facebook

H E B 😍

alisarick on Instagram

Meets someone new - “what high school did you go to?”

VictoriaSylvia on Twitter

If my food doesn’t come fried and on a stick I don’t want it

julie.bautista.fit on Instagram

We call it Fiesta Texas. Not six flags.

blanca.d_partyof3 on Instagram

I saw Greg Popovich at HEB.

astorgajo on Twitter

Why are there traffic lights 🚦 on 1604?

oeun_p008 on Instagram

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