Apple's new iPhone X features receive hilarious response on social media

‘Facial Recognition' feature leads to priceless memes, GIFs

By Adrian Garcia - Digital Journalist
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Apple iPhone X

SAN ANTONIO - Since the company announced the new, highly anticipated iPhone X on Tuesday, many took to social media to share their excitement with Apple, but in the most hilarious way possible.

Apple welcomes its supporters by saying “with iPhone X” their “vision is now a reality” and “say hello to the future.”

The new iPhone X brings several wish list items that user have been hoping Apple will incorporate in the new phone, such as colorful OLED display, wireless charging and powerful front-and-back cameras.

However, it’s the “facial recognition” feature on the new phone that has gained viral attention on social media, flooding Twitter and Facebook with endless GIFs and memes with the hashtag #FaceID.

One Twitter user shared, “The obvious loophole in the #iPhoneX Face ID,” while others poked fun at how difficult it will be for hackers and their significant others to unlock their phone.

Scroll below to check out more hilarious memes and GIFs shared on social media.

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