Dancing ushers are at it again at Houston Rockets game

Ushers dance choreographed routine on jumbotron

By Julie Moreno - Executive Producer/Social Media

NBA/Houston Rockets/Twitter

The Houston Rockets had a big win over the Golden State Warriors Wednesday night, but it was the performance by two ushers that a lot of people are buzzing about today.

Or should we say "ushers?"

Either way, two men dressed in ushers uniforms, had the fans going wild when they danced a choreographed routine during a time out.

The NBA posted the video on Twitter:


It's not the first time someone dressed as an usher showed off his moves. Last month, an "usher" seemed to give in to the coaxing of the announcer. 

The Rockets posted the video on Instagram:


Our dance cam has been full of surprises all season. πŸ˜‚

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Whether these dancing ushers are actual ushers or staged dancers, we love it. In fact, we can appreciate dancing of any sort, including this fan dance-off from earlier in the season.

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