DWTS All-Stars: Stars in charge

Past dances re-imagined by all stars

By Nicole Perez - Executive Producer
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Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani perform a jive on the second week of "Dancing With The Stars."

SAN ANTONIO - We enter the third week of the competition and this time, the all stars are responsible for every bit of the performance. Apparently, the stars think that means props and silly costumes. WHAT ABOUT THE DANCING? Oh, those dances are also inspired by performances previously seen on the show. There's also a lot at stake this week: not one but TWO couples will go home Tuesday! Brooke promised two bombshells during the show. Keep an eye on the recap for those.

COUPLE: Drew & Anna
DANCE: Cha Cha Cha

This was inspired by Joey McIntyre's dance from season one. Drew wants to make it like a concert. He wants pyro. I'm scared. They borrowed Beyonce's wind machine! Anna lost half her costume (on purpose). And after some dancing, Drew's shirt was ripped open. Drew even worked in a little b-boy move at the end. Super fun! I'm going to go out on a limb and say the them for the night will be shirtless fellas.

Len said he liked Drew's concept and content. He said it was terrific. Bruno said something about "Magic Mike." (I hit rewind four times and still couldn't figure it out) He said if it worked for Channing Tatum, it works for Drew. Carrie Ann loved the b-boy moves and the freestyle. She said the cha cha moves were tight and precise.

COUPLE: Gilles & Peta
DANCE: Tango

This dance was inspired by Erin's tango from season ten. Gilles started off in a harness, floating around the stage. Once that was over, he seemed to float, kick and spin around the dance floor. He made this look easy! Wow!

Bruno said it was strong, dominant, erotic, powerful, 50 shades of Gilles. He said Gilles lost his footing a few times. Carrie Ann said Gilles is good at the drama. She did say they were out of sync and wobbled. Len said their hold could have been tighter and the footwork could have been better. Still, he liked it.
SCORE: 25.5

COUPLE: Melissa & Tony
DANCE: Samba

This dance was inspired by JR's dance from season 13. Holy stunts! I think I got a bruise from just watching their rehearsal! Melissa came to play, y'all! This was the most complicated dance so far! I don't think they had a single misstep! She is incredibly strong to pull off those crazy moves!

Carrie Ann said it was fantastic. Len said it was like a can of cola – fizzy, refreshing, satisfying. Bruno said Melissa is a samba sensation. He said Melissa did the choreography like a star.
SCORE: 27 (highest score of the season)

COUPLE: Apolo & Karina
DANCE: Fox Trot

This dance was inspired by Gilles's dance from season eight. Apolo decided Karina should be a statue that comes to life. I realized I hadn't written a word about this, so I hit rewind to watch it a second time. Apolo had this dance from head to toe – literally. Speechless.

Len said it had fluidity of movement, great musicality, he wanted cleaner placement of feet. Still, he said it was a terrific dance. Bruno said it was sensual, classy. He said sometimes Apolo tensed slightly. Carrie Ann said it's going to be one of the dances they'll never forget. Carrie Ann liked Apolo's arms.
SCORE: 25.5

COUPLE: Kelly & Val
DANCE: Paso Doble

This dance was inspired by Laili's dance from season four. Last week, Carrie Ann told Kelly to dance bigger. It looks like she did that. Every bit of her small frame was stretched and she strutted around the stage like she was bigger than life! Sooo good!

Bruno said it was the defining performance for Kelly. Carrie Ann said they're the couple to watch. She said they smacked the paso doble's booty. Len asked where it came from. He said Kelly had terrific expression through her face and beautiful musicality through her arms.

BOMBSHELL #1: Next Monday, a special guest judge will get a paddle – Paul Abdul.

COUPLE: Kirstie & Maks
DANCE: Cha Cha Cha

This dance was inspired by Carson's dance from season 13. Kirstie chose to put Maks in tight pants. And a bad wig. Her hair is a bit crazy, too. But looking past all those things, this is the beset dance Kirstie has ever done! And there she goes smooching again! This time, Maks got her lips.

Carrie Ann said it was the most fun she's had all night. She said cha cha is Kirstie's best dance. Len said he wants the celebrities to be in charge of choreography every week. He said it was the whole package. Bruno said Kirstie is fully loaded with fun. He said Maks is like an extra from "Boogie Nights."

COUPLE: Sabrina & Louis
DANCE: Paso Doble

This dance was inspired by Mel B.'s dance from season five. I wanted to really like this, but it felt so frantic – like Sabrina was stomping around and kicking way too much. I didn't think she was finishing some of the steps. She almost tripped over the back of her costume. I didn't hate it, but it felt off.

Len said it was full of risks, but it was full of great technique. Bruno said it had maximum fire power, strength and a touch of Scary Spice. Carrie Ann said she didn't feel like Sabrina brought anything new. She wanted an element of surprise, but thought it was outstanding dancing.
SCORE: 25.5

COUPLE: Emmitt & Cheryl

DANCE: Paso Doble

This dance was inspired by Mario's dance from season three. If Emmitt rally does run and slide through Cheryl's legs, he could kill her. I'm scared! This was stomptastic! Not that I would ever doubt Emmitt's strength, but he was on it! AND he managed to slide through Cheryl's legs without taking her down!

Bruno said, "The raging bull is back!" He said Emmitt had the flavor of the fighter. He said at times, Emmitt's shoulders went up. Carrie Ann said Emmitt is the human torpedo. She said Emmitt's posture and stomping was good. Len said Emmitt has presence – he dominated the floor and attacked the dance. He wanted a little finesse at times.

COUPLE: Helio & Chelsie
DANCE: Quick Step

This dance was inspired by Apolo's dance from season four. Apolo showed up to let Helio know that it has to be better than his to stick around in the competition. This started really fast. Chelsie's dress scares me! Oh no! There it goes – Helio stepped on the dress and Cheslie almost didn't get back up! It was good, but not great.

Carrie Ann said it was good. She said Helio is the quick step king because of his authentic joy. She said Helio got caught in the dress and it went downhill. Len said the dance deserves to be back next week. He said it was good. Bruno said it started with a blast, but after the slip with the dress, it lost timing. He wants to see it again.
SCORE: 25.5

BOMBSHELL #2: The all stars will pick the dance styles for each other next week. They'll do that Tuesday.

COUPLE: Bristol & Mark
DANCE: Paso Doble

This dance was inspired by – well, they didn't say. Bristol told Mark she thought he would rather be with Sabrina or Shawn. There were tears. She said Mark didn't show up for rehearsal. She said Mark wants to go home. They were supposed to be on a chessboard. Bristol & Mark were chess pieces. Maybe they should throw down each week. This might be Bristol's best dance yet. It's not the best paso of the night, but she was actually doing a pretty good job.

Len said thought Bristol had plenty of attack and the dance had the most content she's done. He said it was her best dance to date. Bruno said her lines were better than ever. He liked the concept. He agreed it was her best dance to date. Carrie Ann said Bristol is proving herself a worthy competitor.

This dance was originally performed by Joanna during season nine.
SCORE: 22.5

COUPLE: Shawn & Derek
DANCE: Quick Step

This dance was inspired by Helio's dance from season five. Shawn wanted to bring in trampolines. And they had them! I'm not sure, but I think they have springs in their shoes! There were flips and splits! Oh my! They fell off the stairs – ON PURPOSE! That was exhausting! Now THAT'S how you close the show! Carrie Ann and Bruno were standing for them.

Bruno said they were incredible, spectacular, unforgettable. He said it's one of the best dances he's seen in 15 seasons. Carrie Ann said it gave her happy feet. She said it was one of the best performances, but she slammed them for breaking the rules. Len said he appreciates how fantastic the dance was, but he has to drop a point because they broke the rules. Len said he's never enjoyed a routine more.
SCORE: 26.5 (Bruno gave them a 9.5)

Tuesday, two couples will go home. The remaining nine couples will pick dances for each other – that includes dances never done before.

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