Heavy Metal Madness Bracket: Elite 8

Which heavy metal band is best of all time?

By Steve Spriester - Anchor

SAN ANTONIO - It's now onto Round 4 or the Elite 8 matchups for our Heavy Metal Madness Bracket on KSAT.com. 

We saw a major upset in the Sweet 16 round as the Scorpions took down the No. 2 seed Led Zeppelin.

Other close matchups were Van Halen sneaking by Ozzy and Guns N' Roses beating Aerosmith. 

Do we have any surprises in store for the Elite 8 round? It's up to you, heavy metal fans, to decide!

Here are the matchups for the Elite 8 round.

We've had a great response from our heavy metal viewers so far, so keep the bracket rocking!

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Click on the links below to vote and ROCK ON!

No. 1 Black Sabbath vs No. 8 Iron Maiden  

No. 4 AC/DC vs No. 5 Van Halen 

No. 18 Scorpions vs No. 7 Guns N' Roses

No. 3 Metallica vs No. 6 Motley Crue

The Heavy Metal Madness Bracket is for entertainment purposes only.

The outcome is not determined by KSAT 12 and doesn't reflect KSAT 12's opinions on the bands.

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