George Lopez is coming to the Alamo City and San Antonians aren't happy

Lopez explained his 'f**k SA' comment in 2017

By Adrian Garcia - Digital Journalist

(Photo by Scott Gries/Invision/AP)

SAN ANTONIO - No more than five hours is all it took for San Antonians to show their “excitement” about George Lopez coming back to the Alamo City for his comedy tour, recalling the “F**K San Antonio” insult he made to a Seattle audience in 2016.

“Don't disrespect our city and expect San Antonians to support you. Sorry no thanks,” one viewer shared on KSAT’s Facebook page.

Many people, much like the viewer above, displayed their displeasure with the famous comedian on social media after shared on Monday that Lopez and three other stars -- Cedric “The Entertainer,” Eddie Griffin and D.L. Hughley -- will be in San Antonio April 6 for their “The Comedy Get Down” tour.

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The “don’t disrespect our city” to Lopez is in reference to the comment he made on March 19, 2016, when the famous comedian told a Seattle audience, “You guys have outdone San Antonio. F**K San Antonio.” 

The comment came just a day after Lopez and his other comedy pals, that included Charlie Murphy, stopped at the AT&T Center for the same tour on March 18, 2016.

Murphy died of Leukemia in April 2017.

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Days later, Lopez took to his Instagram page to say, “I love you San Antonio, don't let Chisme destroy a great relationship, but you turn quickly so it's a wake up call!”

On a Sirius XM talk show with Pete Dominick in March 2017, Lopez explained the dissed remark and what led to him to say that in front of thousands of people.

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“In the body of the show we did in Seattle, one of the performers referred to Seattle as San Antonio a couple of times. And in order to rescue this guy from saying the wrong name of the town and the wrong city … and at the end, I was hearing people yell at him and then I said, ‘Hey, F**k San Antonio’ thinking nobody will be videotaping it and then they will see it in San Antonio,” Lopez said.


“I love San Antonio … they have great people there, great audiences, I have some great friends there (and) I've always enjoyed going there,” Lopez said. “I've been going there for probably 25 years. And in no way with maliciousness did I mean anything offensive to the people of San Antonio.”


However, almost two years later, it seems as if some San Antonians will continue to hold a grudge against Lopez and his cruel words.

To read more mixed comments from San Antionians who shared their “thrill” about Lopez coming back to the Alamo City, scroll below. 

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