Mom donates 4,000+ ounces of breast milk in honor of child's memory

Goal is to donate 5,000 ounces

A Utah mom has donated more than 4,000 ounces of breast milk after her six-week-old son passed away due to a heart defect.

Nicura Thompson, 28, found out at 5 months pregnant that her son Colton had seven different heart defects.

“He was born full term. He came home at a week old and he wasn’t on oxygen,” Thompson told “Unfortunately, a couple weeks into his stay at home, he started having breath trouble.”

Colton eventually went into cardiac arrest and passed away on Dec. 28, Thompson’s 28th birthday.

“Two days before he passed away, I knew I wanted to donate breast milk,” said Thompson. “It’s my way of honoring my son.”

Thompson said she pumps breast milk four times a day and freezes the milk until she has no more space in her freezer. She then drops it off at Mountain West Mothers Milk Bank.

She has almost reached her goal of 5,000 ounces, but said even when she does she doesn't plan to stop donating.

“I will go as long as my body lets me. I just know how important breast milk is to other babies who are in the ICU. I just wanted something to come out of it,” Thompson said.

Although it isn’t always easy, Thompson said she knows she is doing the right thing.

“It’s hard giving my milk away because it was supposed to be for my baby but it’s going away to other babies who need it so it’s worth it,” Thompson said.