KSAT editor featured at San Antonio CineFestival

Filmmaker Rick Medina's documentary features illustrator Aaron Moses

SAN ANTONIO – KSAT Editor Rick Medina has been using the skills he hones every day at work in the production of his new film.

His new documentary, “The Opossum Begins,” is about illustrator Aaron Moses’ comic book hero “The Opossum,” based on the nocturnal creature.

The first time he picked up the comic book, Medina said he was mesmerized by the illustrations.

But that’s not all that caught his eye.

“In my hands I was holding a comic book that could have taken place in a fictional urban city, (an) urban environment, but he actually set it in Brownsville, my hometown,” Medina said. “He uses a lot of iconography of the city. He uses buildings that are in downtown, very recognizable to anybody who lives in Brownsville."

Medina refers to the character as the “Latino Batman.” It’s about the tlacuache, or the opossum, and Moses’ transgressions which are realized through the animal.

The filmmaker and University of Texas at Austin graduate has been working on the documentary for more than a year and was surprised by how long the film took to edit.

After all, he said, he does that work professionally at KSAT.

Now that the film is complete, it will be showing at the Guadalupe Arts Cultural Center during this year’s San Antonio CineFestival, the longest-running Latino film festival in the nation. Medina is also entering his short in film festivals across the country and the globe.

So far, Medina has 22 festivals pending, with many more on the way.

The “shorts” portion of the San Antonio CineFestival will begin at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27 at the Guadalupe Arts Cultural Center, 723 S. Brazos.