SA Stories: Golden girl makes melodies at senior center

Kitty Ortiz Lange passes on tradition of making music

Kitty Ortiz Lange has been making music since her teen years.

She learned to play guitar so her father could have a tune to sing along. From there it was playing sad songs with her girlfriends over heartaches, heartbreaks and new romances.

All these years later, Lange teaches guitar lessons at the Bob Ross Senior Center on the northwest side.

She was eager to teach her classes songs by Willie Nelson. But she said all they really wanted to learn was old Mexican heritage songs of yesteryear.

That’s fine by her, though, because it’s still a chance to strum her guitar, make music and do what she loves.

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Lange is a part of San Antonio’s senior citizen “trailblazers,” those who are 60 years of age or older that are a vital part of the community. They serve as an inspiration to others.

The city of San Antonio’s Department of Human Services showed their appreciation to these senior trailblazers in May as part of Older Americans Month. The theme, “Blaze a Trail,” emphasized the ways in which older adults express themselves to other through their passions and engage the community.

“While the Department of Human Services provides an exciting array of programs and services for seniors, year-round, we use the month of May, to focus on the impact our community seniors have in serving as an inspiration and how we can learn from them to blaze trails of our own,” said Melody Woosley, Department of Human Services Director.

Lange plans on keeping up her music and teaching many more guitar classes for years to come.