Brits have appetite for American politics this year

Businesses cashing in on US election extend across big pond


LONDON – First came Brexit. Now, as if the British people are looking for a little comedic relief after such a contentious time in their country’s history, royal subjects are paying close attention to the race for president in the United States.

A chain of British tea rooms and restaurants is taking jabs at the candidates in the final week before voters head to the polls to elect the new leader of the Free World.

Restaurants selling politics this election season

Included in the fare lineup are “Democrabs Linguine” and “Republiquinoa and Chicken Salad.” There’s “Trumpkin Soup” for a starter (pictured  below), and a dessert called “Grab them by the Pudding.” The description says it’s a “delicious Spotted Dick Pudding (no 'pun' intended). Seriously, that's what it's called.”


The Tea Terrace Restaurant owners, Ehab Shouly and his wife Rowena, said Spotted Dick is a traditional British pudding, dating back to 1849. It’s made with suet and dried currants. Theirs is served warm with custard.

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"Like us, many people in the UK are closely following the U.S. presidential election,” Ehab Shouly said. “It was my wife's idea to come up an election-themed menu. She told me, ‘You're creative, I'm sure you can come up with a fun menu featuring Trump and Clinton.’”

(Below is a collage of photos of the Tea Terrace)


Businesses cash in on election

Shouly’s sly nature may come from his stint as a marketing specialist for the German automaker BMW.

Trumpkin soup is described as a delicious homemade pumpkin soup. “Believe me, it’s the best soup,” the description reads. “It will make you feel great again.”


“A leaked email says (the Demograbs Linguine) is Hillary’s favourite," the menu says. "This is a comforting dish of creamy linguine pasta with chunks of Devon fine white crab meat with peas and cherry tomatoes. The amazing flavours really are ‘Stronger Together.’”

The Republiquinoa and Chicken Salad is “fabulous nutty” but “not as nutty as this election.”

Shouly is treating the main courses as a “vote” to gauge who is more popular among British customers.

“It’s not scientific,” he said. “But it will be nice to see which is the better seller.”

He is a self-proclaimed Clinton supporter.

"From my informal chats with our customers, I have yet to find one of them who is not rooting for Hillary Clinton like my family and I are doing," he said. “Why? Because Trump has money but no class. He has assets but no values. He has fame but no respect. That's what I think, at least.”

Other businesses closer to home are also using the election to boost business. Flying Saucer, Which Wich and 7-Eleven are among businesses hoping to cash in on the 2016 presidential election.