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SAN ANTONIO -- For the second time this year, TEDx San Antonio speakers will take the stage to talk about a variety of topics under the theme, “Now You Know.”

This fall’s edition follows the springtime theme, “You Think You Know,” and features 17 speakers, including San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor and Youth Orchestras of San Antonio Director Troy Peters.

This time, the event will take place Saturday at the Witte Museum, moving from its longtime location at Rackspace in order to accommodate more guests to watch the speakers. The event is also available to watch live online.

Chris Sandoval, the licensee of TEDx San Antonio, said that the local program, which coattails off the national TED Talk program, offers a unique perspective on local talent.

“The original founders of TEDx San Antonio really wanted to dispel the myth of ‘Keep San Antonio Lame,’” he said. “San Antonio is really an epicenter of a lot of great things, from medical innovation to financial services to our deep military core. We’ve really been an explosion of growth and innovation.”

Sandoval is taking his role seriously by putting on a second TEDx date in one year.

Quite possibly the youngest speaker TEDx San Antonio has ever had, Ethan Aldrich, will take the stage on Saturday.

He is a software developer who attends high school in Boerne. Aldrich will speak about institutional technology gaps, particularly in prisons. Aldrich has created systems that are currently in place in jails across the country.

“I hope people leave my talk realizing that there are people and industries with technology that has been lagging for decades, but that we all can work to address these challenges.” Aldrich said. "TEDx is an experience filled with new ideas and perspectives that everyone will enjoy and isn't available anywhere else. We have an amazing slate of speakers this year and I am honored to be a part of this opportunity."

Tickets for TEDx San Antonio are available on its website.