Protesters to Texas Electoral College voters: it's OK to vote conscience

Hundreds gather at state Capitol as Electoral College solidifies Trump's victory

Texas electors joined with others around the country Monday, gathering mostly at their respective state Capitols to solidify Donald Trump’s place in the White House.

In Texas, 38 electors sat in the state House of Representatives. After four vacancies created by electors who did not come to the meeting had been filled, then the process of casting the votes began.

In total, 36 electors made their vote for Trump.

Outside the Capitol, and even inside the House chamber’s gallery, protesters came to watch. They also wanted their voices to be heard.

Erin Zwiener, who represented the Hamilton Electors, a group of electors started by Colorado electors to encourage their peers to vote for another candidate, showed up to make a difference.

“We’re not here to protest the Electoral College,” she said. “We’re here to show our electors who have the same doubts about Donald Trump that we do that they have our support in voting their conscience.”

Mostly calm chants came from the south steps of the state Capitol. Joe Biggs, who came to voice his support for Trump, ended up being confronted by a woman who said she had every right to protest.

“This is democracy,” she told Biggs.

Biggs said protesters are able to make their voices heard, but the reasoning behind this particular protest is what made him upset.

See Electoral College members inside House, and protesters outside Capitol

“I’ve been to Ferguson, to Baltimore. I’ve been to Charlotte, Milwaukee. I’ve been all over the country. I support everybody’s right to go out and protest, but at the same time I still think it’s stupid,” he said. “Right now you look like children and you’re crying and whining over something that’s already happened.”

The process will come to a close in early January when the Texas Electoral College votes join with other sealed envelopes from the other states. That’s when Congress will officially tally up the results.