FAQ: 12 Days of Christmas - 2019

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KSAT and 12 local businesses are giving away more than $21,000 in holiday gifts with a 12-day Facebook contest!

Beginning on Monday, Dec. 2, a winner will be selected every weekday through Tuesday, Dec. 17.

How it works:

Register each day to be eligible to win that day's prize and all the previous day's prizes.

The winner on Dec. 2 (the ‘first day of Christmas’) will win one prize from one of our local partners.

The winner from Dec. 3 (the ‘second day of Christmas’) will win two prizes: that day’s prize plus the previous day’s prize.

The winner on Dec. 4 (the ‘third day of Christmas') will win three prizes: that day’s prize plus one of each of the previous days’ prizes.

This will progress until the final winner from the 12th day of Christmas (Dec. 17) will win 12 prizes: one from each of our participating partners.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I enter in 12 Days of Christmas contest?

You can enter KSAT’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways by going to the following:

  • https://www.ksat.com/12days and clicking on that day’s present
  • KSAT12’s or SA Live’s Facebook Page and clicking on the post announcing that day’s giveaway
  • Click here for the contest rules
  • Our website is not compatible with Internet Explorer. You will have to use another browser to enter the contests

2. How many times can I enter/do I need to enter?

You can enter once per day. You must enter every day to be eligible for that day’s prize.

For example, if you enter on Day 2, you are only entered for the Day 2 giveaway. If you want to be entered to win the prize for Day 3 you will need to enter again.

3. What if I forget to enter a day’s giveaway?

You are still eligible to enter the next day’s giveaway. For example, if you enter Day 5’s giveaway, but forgot to enter on Day 6 do not worry. You can still enter Day 7 and the remaining days to have a chance at winning.

4. What are the prizes?

Shhh! It is a surprise! Go to https://www.ksat.com/12days to see each prize announced starting December 2, 2019.

5. How do I know if I win in the contest?

Each winner will be contacted within two business days via phone call and by email from the contact information that was provided in the contest form.

6. Why do you need my personal information?

Legally we have to make sure that individuals are 21 years and older to enter the contest. We use the contact information to contact winners. We only use emails that chose to opt-in during the contest form.

7. When will the prizes be revealed?

Starting Monday, December 2 the prize for that day will be revealed on https://www.ksat.com/12days and on the KSAT12 and SA Live Facebook Pages. All the details about the prize will be showcased on SA Live at 1 PM that day.

8. Do you take pictures of the winners?

Yes, we take pictures of all of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway winners. We post the pictures on the winner slideshow on ksat.com and post it on the SA Live and KSAT 12 Facebook pages.

Check out last year’s giveaway winners here: https://www.ksat.com/features/2019/11/25/photos-12-days-of-christmas-winners-2019/

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Congratulations Art for being KSAT's 12 Days of Christmas winner for Day 12! Thank you to James Avery for being the sponsor!


You have to register every weekday starting Dec. 2 through Dec. 17.

Winners will ONLY be selected on weekdays. Twelve total winners will be selected.

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