What are most popular baby names of 2019?

These 50 were what parents have loved the most this year

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There still is close to a full month left in 2019, but parents who had babies this year have already spoken as to what names they liked most.

Below are the 50 most popular baby names for both girls and boys in 2019, according to BabyCenter, which pulled data from 600,000 parents who shared the names of their babies born this year.

Did your name make the list? Check it out below and for a list of the top 100 names, click here.

1. Sophia1. Liam
2. Olivia2. Jackson
3. Emma3. Noah
4. Ava4. Aiden
5. Aria5. Grayson
6. Isabella6. Caden
7. Amelia7. Lucas
8. Mia8. Elijah
9. Riley9. Oliver
10. Aaliyah10. Muhammad
11. Layla11. Mason
12. Zoe12. Carter
13. Charlotte13. Mateo
14. Mila14. Jayden
15. Harper15. Ethan
16. Evelyn16. Logan
17. Camilla17. Sebastian
18. Eliana18. James
19. Chloe19. Alexander
20. Lily20. Benjamin
21. Avery21. Jacob
22. Luna22. Leo
23. Ella23. Josiah
24. Adalyn24. Daniel
25. Everly25. Julian
26. Leah26. Michael
27. Scarlett27. Jack
28. Aubrey28. Ryan
29. Emily29. Levi
30. Maya30. Jayce
31. Nora31. Wyatt
32. Ellie32. Luke
33. Madison33. Owen
34. Abigail34. Henry
35. Kinsley35. Caleb
36. Isla36. Gabriel
37. Hannah37. William
38. Arianna38. Isaiah
39. Madelyn39. Isaac
40. Paisley40. David
41. Elena41. Matthew
42. Sarah42. John
43. Charlie43. Luca
44. Brooklyn44. Lincoln
45. Penelope45. Asher
46. Hailey46. Cameron
47. Lila47. Ezra
48. Callie48. Nicholas
49. Grace49. Connor
50. Emery50. Colton
U.S. baby names in 2018

The Social Security Adminstration tracks baby names in the United States and releases an annual report on popular names. You can search the 2018 data below. To make the list, at least five people had to use the baby name. The SSA data set we used did not break down names by geography (region, state, city).

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