Leslie Mouton Gets a Wig

Leslie gets a wig.
Leslie gets a wig. (KSAT)

KSAT 12's Leslie Mouton, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, is facing chemotherapy's side effect of hair loss head-on.

Mary Hagood of Hair Happenings has been cutting and selling hair for more than 30 years. She helped Leslie choose her wig.

"You have to have one that fits your head. The color has to be right, and chemo makes you a little pasty, so you need one a little brighter and a little lighter," she said.

Hagood helps many chemotherapy patients make the transition from bald to beautiful. But picking out the perfect wig is no easy task. "The better the fit and the more natural it will look," she said.

Choosing a wig isn't just one single decision. The base, the color and the texture of the wig all have to be decided.

Buying a wig isn't exactly cheap. Wigs can cost more than $800 depending on what kind a patient buys.

Once the choices are made, Hagood works her magic. "You give me an hour of your time and I can make you look great," she said. Hagood not only helps pick the wig, she fits the wig, and cuts and styles it.

But Leslie's first trip to Hagood's Hair Happenings is not her last. "This is just the preliminary. Now you can see how we can get it to look just like you want it to," Hagood said.

The final fitting can’t happen until all of Leslie’s hair actually falls out, which could be as soon as two weeks.