Unheard SA: Every San Antonian has a story to tell

This new series gives you a glimpse into the lives of everyday people from our community

SAN ANTONIO – Journalists interview and meet new people every day. We learn very quickly that everyone has a story to tell.

While we often tell the stories of public officials, local celebrities, athletes and other well-known figures, we spotlight our everyday neighbors less often.

But that’s changing with Unheard SA, a new KSAT series — shot on an iPhone — that gives people that call San Antonio home a chance to tell their stories.

Season 1 of Unheard SA features four people that have overcome obstacles. If you enjoy the series or know someone who would be interested in being featured, email me at ehernandez@ksat.com.

Jose Martinez

At age 2, Martinez begins to lose his vision and is now blind. His disability has not stopped him from achieving his goals.

Martinez talks about his life as a teacher, musician, and beep ballplayer.

Linda Strano Burton

For many talking about infertility or miscarriages is hard, but now more than ever women are talking about their experiences.

Strano Burton talks about her struggles getting pregnant, several miscarriages and how she now helps other women going through the same situations.

C. Leroy Cavazos-Reyna

Cavazos-Reyna is an albino man who was born in a border town and is now making quite a name for himself in the Hispanic community and in politics.

Ruth “Buttercup” Sparks

One of the last living WWII female veterans, Sparks is a centenarian who still has a lot of spunk. She talks about her journey to the U.S. as a child and what keeps her going now.

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