Mother of 2 battling cancer receives the gift of her life

‘Her story touched me, and I just had to do something for her’

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A young mother of a 6-year-old and 8-year-old, who is undergoing treatment for stage four colon cancer, received one of the most special gifts to start off 2020.

Imad Khalil, the owner of Mission Mitsubishi in San Antonio, gave Brittany Gates a new Eclipse Cross and a $1,000 check to ensure she can get to her doctor appointments safely in Houston.

“Her story touched me and I just had to do something for her,” said Khalil.

This is the second year that Imad has given a car to a deserving individual for the holiday season.

Since Brittany received the new car from Imad, the cancer has now spread to her brain.

She now has two lesions in her cerebellum along with a tumor growing under the skin of her scalp. Brittany will be having brain surgery followed with radiation and chemotherapy.

We reached out to Brittany to see how she manages to stay positive in her ongoing battle with cancer.

“The car Imad gave me couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Right after I received the gift, my car had actually stopped working and wouldn’t start. Having this car allows me to go get my treatments and to just get to all my appointments. It helps me get my boys to their appointments as well. They both have birthdays coming up so it has given me a peace of mind that what money I do have will get to go for birthday gifts instead of possibly having to have used it on my old car. I can’t stress enough that if anyone feels like something is wrong to go get checked out as soon as possible. It could make all the difference in the world. Don’t let the fear of not knowing stop you from checking on your health. Also, your attitude and faith has a lot to do with it. I laugh as much as I can. Don’t be afraid to cry, this whole experience is hard and scary so cry and let out but don’t forget to pick yourself up again and hold your head high and fight. And just let your friends and family be there to help you through this. This whole experience is hard for everyone." - Brittany Gates

Shown on the left: Imad Khalil, owner of Mission Mitsubishi, Shown on the right: Brittany Gates, winner of the car giveaway (KSAT12 2020)
Eclipse Cross

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