Watch as former Broadway star surprises high school freshman by singing on her front lawn

Maggie Smith’s reaction is priceless

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Contributed photo (Wylie ISD)

Little did Maggie Smith know that being an annoyance to her parents would lead to a former Broadway star arriving on her front lawn to sing.

A freshman at Wylie High School in Wylie, Texas, a suburb about 30 minutes north of Dallas, Smith has been spending much of her quarantined life singing Broadway songs during the coronavirus pandemic.

It became such an issue for Smith’s mom, Michelle, that she nominated Maggie for a “Drive-by Referral” contest that the Wylie Intermediate School District decided to put on.

The district started the contest as a fun directive to help parents with kids who were causing some good-natured annoyances while being stuck at home during the pandemic.

Michelle Smith gave the following message in her submission to the assistant principals at Wylie High School, according to NBC 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth.

“Maggie is incessantly singing Broadway musical songs under the guise that she is ‘practicing for auditions.’ The dogs are howling, the cat is trying to bury her head in the litter box and her father and I have promised her a visit from Lin Manuel Miranda himself if she will give it a rest for at least an hour. Alas, our (pleas) for a respite have fallen on her apparent Broadway-deafened ears. Please, WHS APs. We beg you to come and save us from the freshman Phantom of the Rona!!!”

The district obliged, as an assistant principal and theater teacher arrived at Maggie Smith’s house and called her to the front yard with megaphones.

But there was much more.

A short time later, former Broadway and “Phantom of the Opera” star David Gaschen exited a vehicle and then serenaded Smith with a song.

Gaschen is friends with Wylie ISD Superintendent David Vinson and director of communications Ian Halperin, the report says.

Smith’s reaction to Gashen’s singing and the full video, courtesy of Wylie ISD, can be seen below.

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