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Magnet fishing, anyone? (WJXT photo)

If you’re finding yourself in a middle-of-the-day rut or in need of some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve been working really hard on our “Something Good” YouTube channel.

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Here’s a preview.

First up: King Yadee, a Detroit rapper and philanthropist who’s doing more than just giving back to his community -- he’s helping to build the next generation. Watch this, and then this.

This guy is seriously impressive.

We’re not sure if he goes by “King” or “Mr. Yadee,” but once he came into some success on his own, he thought he should pay it forward.

He and some friends formed a group, and he said, “We wanted to do a lot of things and create. While we built it, and we were doing a lot of good, we noticed our city going down. So I’m like, ‘We all stay here. Let’s do something here. Let’s figure out how we can help.’”

Incredible, right? We should all think like this.

Now, King Yadee is fixing up his neighborhood, one home at a time. And beyond that, he’s taking other young people under his wing -- helping some with music and others with the construction trade. Yadee had picked up some construction skills before he broke out on the music scene, so now he’s dabbling in several talents at once, all while helping his community grow as a whole.

The entire process has changed him, too. Watch the videos above to hear what he said to say about that. And be sure to check out the ending on this clip. How can you not love Yadee?

He’s the embodiment of “Something Good,” indeed.

King Yadee (Something Good)

Next: Magnet fishing. Watch this.

Have you heard of magnet fishing?

A 10-year-old girl and her father have been mining the river for treasures, all with the help of some magnets. Yes, magnets.

It’s a bonding experience of sorts, and you’re going to be surprised when you see what they tend to find: Guns, for example. Once, a loaded revolver. 😬

“My favorite memory so far is finding all the guns ... because that means that we can help other people solve a crime,” Lauren said.

Good perspective. Not to mention, the pair is helping to clean up the waterway.

Click that link above to hear more from Lauren and her dad. It’s definitely not the father-daughter bonding that you might be expecting, but they’re both so into it; their enthusiasm is absolutely contagious.

And now: A viral TikTok teacher. Watch this.

This educator has gone viral with some pretty memorable songs about math.

You might be scratching your head right now, like, “Songs about MATH?”

Yep -- check it out. Very clever, right?

She does parodies of popular songs, and her students will even admit something along the lines of “Now this is stuck in my head!”

“Good, that’s the point!,” she says back with a laugh.

Trying to reach your students in a virtual learning space can be tough. But this Texas woman seems to have accomplished her mission. She’s even gotten some positive feedback from parents and school administrators, and you’re about to see why. 🙂

Bonus: This “Something Good” radio segment will crack you up. Watch this.

Will these kids be on “American Idol” or “The Voice,” 10 years from now? We can only hope.

The little hype man repeating “COVID-19” is too much -- in the best way possible.

SO many thank-yous to this Jacksonville, Florida family for sharing. 🙏

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