South Side seafood restaurant popular during Lent

Flavor Favs: Rudy's Seafood

SAN ANTONIO – During the Lenten season, Fridays for Catholics mean no meat.

There are many restaurants in San Antonio that serve great seafood, including Rudy's Seafood, which is all about family.

Roland Ramirez and Jerry Ramirez are carrying on their father's legacy by serving many customers who visit the restaurant daily.

"He always wanted to have a small place on the South Side to be kind of proud of," Roland Ramirez, Rudy Ramirez's son, said. "We are trying to keep up that tradition."

As for the food, everything is made fresh. Some of the same recipes have been in places for decades. The menu includes a variety of seafood options plus daily specials.

Over the years, Rudy's Seafood has grown and has called a few locations around the South Side home. But the family is happy at their current location at 4122 South Flores.

"Everybody here kind of knows everybody, it's more of a family atmosphere," Roland Ramirez said.

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