National Hamburger Month: Who has the best burger in San Antonio?

Flavor Favs: Chunky's Burgers & more

SAN ANTONIO – For the past 12 years, Chunky's Burgers has been a place many stop to enjoy. Established in 2004, Chunky's is home to a very spicy challenge called "The Four Horsemen."

The burger includes jalepenos, serranos, ghost peppers and habanero sauce. Before taking the challenge, you must sign a waiver and put on plastic gloves to eat it.

Over the years, a few hundred people have tried the burger and completed it, but thousands have failed.

The Four Horsemen is not the only burger on the menu. The restaurant boasts a variety of burgers with unusual toppings such as brisket and pineapple.

Making perfect burgers is a passion for the staff, which takes pride in each burger.

"We want to make sure it is picture-perfect, and when you see it, we just want your face to light up," manger Connie Martinez said.

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