Grilled cheese brisket sandwich is must have at local BBQ restaurant

Flavor Favs: Smoke Shack BBQ

SAN ANTONIO – Starting out in a food truck six years ago, the Smoke Shack has come a long way and now customers line up at their location at 3714 Broadway.

What began as a hobby for Chris Conger has become a place where BBQ is turned into so much more.

"I take a little bit from each place," Conger said. "As far as the mustard base from the Carolinas, the pulled pork very southeastern, I mean we take a little bit from everywhere."

Every item is made to stand out and even the sides are well known.

"All of our items we just try to make a little different," Conger said.

On the menu you can find traditional items like the ribs and brisket but other other choices are the Smoke Shack Mac & Cheese or the grill cheese brisket sandwich.

"It (grilled cheese brisket sandwich) was never on the menu and it still isn't on the menu, but it's gotten to where everyone is ordering it," Conger said.

All the meats are cooked low and slow to make sure it is tender and juicy.

That could be why many have voted this place one of the best BBQ places in town.

"We make what other people think tastes good and hope they like it," Conger said.

For more on what is on the menu click here.

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