Hidden gem on north side creates Mexican style sandwiches

Flavor Favs: Loncheria El Popo

SAN ANTONIO – Created 64 years ago in Nuevo Laredo, Loncheria El Popo, can now be found at 6557 San Pedro Ave.

When the place first opened there were many options on the menu but because the owner was the only one working he took things off. Only the five most popular items were kept.

Of those five the most popular sandwich is the Tenera Sandwich.

"It's just shredded beef," manager Jose Escalera said. "It's really soft and really good."

The bread used is what elevates these sandwiches. It is one-of-a-kind and made at the Nuevo Laredo locations.

"It's like a regular bun but just a little smaller with a smoky taste," Escalera said. "It's something very different and nobody in San Antonio has it either."

This hidden gem may not be familiar to many, but once you try you will never forget these delicious sandwiches.

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