Rare ‘restaurant takeover' offers unique dining experience to SA eaters

Folc's Chef Luis Colon to take over Restaurant Gwendolyn for one night


SAN ANTONIO – Two well-known chefs in San Antonio are about to do something not often seen: Chef Michael Sohocki, of Restaurant Gwendolyn, will be stepping back to let Folc Executive Chef Luis Colon cook in his kitchen.

The one-night dining experience will take place Tuesday, Oct. 25, and Colon will be preparing a five-course meal.

“I am looking forward to cooking in Chef Michael Sohocki’s James Beard-recognized kitchen,” Colon said. “I embrace and welcome the challenge of using the techniques that are unique to Restaurant Gwendolyn. This is cooking in its purest form.”

Colon has recently made headlines for having the best burger in Texas and was featured in Texas Monthly.

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Cooking at Restaurant Gwendolyn will be a change of pace for Colon’s American Contemporary style. Sohocki uses techniques used before the start of the Industrial Revolution. That means he uses no blenders, mixers, choppers, deep fryers, or anything else with a motor.

At Restaurant Gwendolyn, Chef Colon will cook the following menu:

First Course: Oysters with seaweed vinaigrette

Second Course: Quail in Grapes 1984 with celeriac purée, ver jus

Third Course: Red Fish, butternut squash, brussels sprouts, brown butter vinaigrette & pumpkin seeds

Fourth Course: Beef Rib Eye – smoked beef fat, mushrooms, grains & turnips

Fifth Course: Lemon Drizzle Cake

“The menu reflects use of locally sourced products that we can execute with the parameters of the restaurant,” Colon said. “And it also enables me to reflect what we do at Folc - a true culinary collaboration.” 

Reservations can be made by calling 210-222-1849.


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