Downtown restaurant is place to be during National Noodle Month

Flavor Favs: Kimura

SAN ANTONIO – Kirmura, located at 152 E. Pecan St. opened in 2013 as a traditional Japanese ramen, pub-like restaurant in the middle of downtown.

"It's a busy restaurant," chef Ernie Bradley said. "You come walking in, the music is a little loud, the kitchen is a little loud, the people in the dining room are busy eating and enjoying food," 

With only 32 available seats, the place is known to become packed quickly.

The food is traditional Japanese dishes, and everything is made from scratch.

"We butcher all our own animals, so the bones we have left over go into making the broth," Bradley said.

That broth makes up the most popular item on the menu: ramen.

"Ramen is a comfort food, and it's a big bowl with lots of noodles, braised pork, eggs, green onions and mushrooms," Bradley said.

Besides the ramen, the menu offers dishes like katsudon and miso soup.

"We really like the fact that we're a little bit different from everybody," Bradley said.

Kimura is open Monday through Saturday.

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