NEISD cafeteria employees learn new baking skills to make nutritious meals

Workers learn to make bread from scratch


SAN ANTONIO – Cafeteria employees from high schools in the North East Independent School District gathered at Johnson High School to improve their baking skills and learn to make new nutritious meals for students.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. When you work at a school, more than likely there is an opportunity to learn. 

"We want to give them the skills they need to go and do their job to the best of their ability," said Alissa Hitt, NEISD’s district chef.

One of the skills workers learned is making wheat bread from scratch. In fact, most of the items they serve to students are made from scratch.

Not only are the employees working on their skills to do their jobs, but learning more could lead to more money. They have the opportunity to earn more hours and move up the ladder.

"It's a skill that is a little more difficult, so we offer them extra training to help them get to that goal if that is something they want to do in the future," Hitt said.

One of the things workers had to adjust to over the years is a healthier menu. No more cakes and cookies.

"Now, we are making a lot of grains, nutritious meals for them," said Maria Alonso, a cafeteria manager.

"We have much more stringent requirements for them. They have to fulfill, so we have to change the food and adapt it, but it still tastes good," Hitt said.

The ultimate goal is to create good food so the students can have their bellies full and focus on getting good grades.

"If making good food for them, it’s what we can do to support them. That is what we are going to do every day," Hitt said.

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