Hamburgers, chicken on a stick, popular options at new North Side restaurant

Flavor Favs: Benjie's Munch

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SAN ANTONIO – In April 2015 the Benjie's Munch food truck was introduced to San Antonio and now chef Benjamin De Los Santos is taking all his creations to a Benjie's Munch restaurant on the city's North Side.

Since the food truck was created, De Los Santos has created over 230 menu items. He took the favorites from that list to create menu for his new restaurant, including chicken on a stick.

"I'm comfortable doing different things and trying different things," De Los Santos said.

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Popular items on the menu include flash fried Brussels leaves, crispy club sandwich, Benjie's pig candy and the hamburgers.

"Our biggest sellers are the hamburgers, because people just love them," De Los Santos said. "It's a half pound burger that we hand press on a flat top."

The menu even caters to vegetarians, gluten-free and kids.

"I think the neighborhood enjoys having us here, and the variety of options that we bring," De Los Santos said.

Benjie's Munch is open Monday through Saturday.

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