East Side Mexican restaurant still serving SA after 40 years

Flavor Favs: El Tipico Restaurant

SAN ANTONIO – Destroyed by fire in May 2016, El Tipico Restaurant has overcome a lot to come back bigger and better.

"It was a very difficult and hard time for the family, for my dad," owner Jose Hoffman said.

Amado Hoffman opened the restaurant back in 1972 at 4930 Rigsby Ave. 

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After the fire, Hoffman's son Jose helped rebuild and reopen the restaurant.

Unfortunately, Hoffman wasn't able to witness the reopening. He died last March. 

"We lost him, but we are still alive," Hoffman said.

El Tipico reopened in October and now features a full bar, full dining and a party room that sits 250 people.

"We've also added a lot more menu items to the menu," Hoffman said.

Some of those new items include a shrimp enchilada plate that is covered in a delicious queso. Another new item is Phil's Chicken. This plate features a grilled chicken covered a poblano sauce with a side of rice and vegetables.

But the classics haven't been forgotten.

"Same enchiladas since 1972, same recipe and same cooks," Hoffman said.

Why change something that isn't broke? These enchiladas are rich in flavor and will have you using a tortilla to wipe your plate.

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