Take a look inside this popular North Side Japanese restaurant

Flavor Favs: Yummi Japanese Restaurant

SAN ANTONIO – Chef Deukbok Cha is a name that is sure to become well-known in San Antonio, not only for the incredible food he is creating at Yummi Japanese Restaurant, but for his beautiful presentations as well.

Each dish on his menu is presented with so much color and attention to detail they can be considered a piece of art. 

A veteran sushi-maker, Cha presents a menu with so much flavor and spice that you can't go wrong with whatever you choose.

Yummi Japanese Restaurant now has two locations in San Antonio, 24165 W IH 10 and 300 W. Bitters, but both have different business hours. Each location also has very good ratings on its Facebook pages. 

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A new feature being added this month is ramen. Both "tonkotsu" and "shoyu" style ramen are being added to the menu. The difference between the two is the broth used. The shoyu broth contains soy sauce and the tonkotsu broth has a pork flavor.

Erica's take:

Yummi Japanese Restaurant is a great place for a date night. Everything is done so well and with great attention to detail. It may not be a great place for children, unless your child isn't picky and is willing to try great fresh fish options.

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