Carb overload!! Get your Italian food fix at this Olmos Park restaurant

Flavor Favs: Pesto Ristorante

SAN ANTONIO – Pasta, bread and more pasta can be had at Pesto Ristorante located at 5221 McCullough Ave. 

After more than 15 years of working at Paesanos, Chef Alejandro Santoyo decided to venture out and make his own place.

With two locations now, Santoyo is excited to share his creations with San Antonio.

"Everything is fresh. Everything is from scratch. You come over here and it's kind of like a mom and pop restaurant, so we trying to do everything," Santoyo said.

The main ingredient used in most dishes is pesto. While there is the traditional pesto used in dishes, Santoyo is creating different kinds of pesto and some with a twist.

"We decided to do pestos because of the flavor you add to the pastas. We infuse that in a Latino way," Santoyo said. 

The restaurant is truly a hidden gem in Olmos Park and features an upscale dining experience at a lower cost. 

Pesto Ristorante is open every day of week for lunch and dinner. 

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