South Side restaurant bringing the culture, flavors of Puerto Rico to SA

Flavor Favs: Luna Rosa Puerto Rican Grill

San Antonio – The opening of Luna Rosa Puerto Rican Grill four years ago was a dream come true for owner Iris Orneles.

After spending 25 years working in the education field, she decided it was time to pursue her passion: cooking.

"It was what I always wanted to do when I grew up," Orneles said.

Now, Luna Rosa Puerto Rican Grill, located at 2603 SE Military Drive, is serving up some amazing dishes. 

"You're going to see the traditional Puerto Rican food, which is the arroz con gandules, the pork roast which, we call pernil, and the tostones," Orneles said.

Orneles, who is from Puerto Rico, is making sure the flavors from the island are put on every plate.

While traditional Puerto Rican cuisine is what she does best, her children, who work alongside her, are inspiring new modern twists to dishes. 

For instance, the Caribbean Nachos are a little different than what we are used to in that they sit on a bed of plantain chips. 

"It has become one of the most popular dishes," Orneles said.


The atmosphere of the restaurant is a lot of fun and will feature Puerto Rican music most nights.

"That is part of the passion: for people, to come and, through the food, taste a little bit of my island and my culture, the music," Orneles said.

Luna Rosa Puerto Rican Grill is open Tuesday through Sunday.


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