North Side restaurant serving up variety of menu items for past 20 years

Flavor Favs: Las Chiladas

SAN ANTONIO – If you are looking to get your Tex-Mex fix, you may want to head to Las Chiladas located at 2387 NW Military Hwy.

The restaurant has been a part of the north side for 21 years. 

"Longevity is good," owner Patrick Flores said. "People have come and gone through the years and we've seen kids go off to college and come back with their own kids."

People keep coming back because of the delicious food. 

Enchiladas, fajitas, puffy tacos, menudo and tamales are just some of the menu items. 

If you aren't in the mood for Tex-Mex, there are other options, like chicken pot pie.

"We offer it on Mondays and Fridays, it's my wife's famous recipe," Flores said. "Nobody has it in the area."

Customers are not only enjoying the food but the atmosphere the restaurant brings. 

Comedy shows and live music are now a part of Las Chiladas. 

"We wanted to be a different Mexican restaurant experience for you," Flores said.

Las Chiladas is open seven days a week, and to see a schedule of upcoming events visit you can visit its Facebook page. 

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