Quick stop at new barbecue joint will leave you satisfied

Flavor Favs: Papa's Quickdraw BBQ

By Erica Hernandez - Digital Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - Fast, easy and delicious is the best way to describe Papa's Quickdraw BBQ on Blanco Road. 

Robert Walker from Papa's Burgers is part owner of this new concept that features a limited menu.

Walker teamed up with Catherine Gerch and a local pit master to get this new barbecue joint up and running. 

Pulled pork sandwich, brisket sandwich and chicken sandwich are the main menu items, and each can come with a bag of chips or a soda. 

"This concept, however, was more on the basis of the individuals that are in a hurry, only have so much time and want a good quality product but don't have the time to sit there and wait in a restaurant," Walker said. 

You can zip right through this drive-thru line in no time and eat a delicious barbecue sandwich, which is perfect if you have to take a quick lunch. 

"We're about to bring a quick draw sandwich and a quick draw attitude for the city of San Antonio, and it's gonna be fun," Walker said. 

Papa's Quickdraw BBQ is open Tuesday through Saturday.

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