Free visit to Briscoe Museum! Free Vegan starter kit! Free movie marathon!

SAN ANTONIO – Saturday is National Day of the Cowboy.

If you want to learn more about the lives and contributions of the cowboy, cowgirl and vaquero, saddle up and head over to the Briscoe Western Art Museum from noon to 4 p.m. to celebrate in a free community event. 

There will be games, crafts, guided tours, food, music and a whole lot more during those four hours.

Check out the website for more information. 

Kicking around the idea of changing to a vegan diet? Or maybe you just want to add some vegan food to your diet. Or you're just curious. 

Whatever the reason, you can get a free Vegan starter kit from PETA. 

Just go to the PETA website, fill out the form and you will be sent everything you need to get started. Well, not the food. But everything else. 

Next week is a Movies by Moonlight marathon. 

Bad weather has forced the summer staple to be canceled a couple of movies this summer, so five movies will be shown this week to close out the year. 

Here's the lineup:

Monday: "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse"
Tuesday: "Wall-E"
Wednesday: "Zootopia" 
Thursday: "The Little Mermaid" 
Friday: "Incredibles 2"

There will be activities and food trucks before the movie starts. So get there early, say 7 p.m.

The movies begin at sunset. 

Click here for more information.